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Graebel: Interactive DEI journey inspires next-level outcomes

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Businesses around the world are making diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) an important part of their corporate agenda. And Graebel—a leading global relocation management company (RMC)—was ready to join the chorus, but in a new and unexpected way.

The team was preparing to launch Graebel® DEI Consulting Services, a first-to-market solution providing strategic recommendations to help organizations create more diverse, equitable and inclusive mobility programs.

But first, Graebel needed to help mobility leaders see that they could be a catalyst for transformative DEI in their organizations.

Together, Graebel and Quarry developed a DEI narrative activated through an interactive digital experience called the “Next-Level DEI Journey” that built Graebel’s subject authority and inspired a new league of DEI changemakers.

Graebel needed to help mobility leaders see that they could be a catalyst for transformative DEI in their organizations.

Global mobility and DEI: Connecting the dots

Going to market with a DEI offering would put Graebel at the forefront of the global mobility industry and help build credibility for mobility as a catalyst for DEI overall. But as our client, VP, Global Marketing, Tasha Johnson, aptly surfaced: “Nobody is going to think of mobility for DEI. You will need to make the connection.”

So we got to work.

Nobody is going to think of mobility for DEI. You will need to make the connection.

The Quarry team kicked off with category and competitive research, and conducted interviews with subject matter experts, including Graebel’s own Global Leader of DEI.

Observations and insights were synthesized into a point of view report, which led to a unique value proposition and set of key messages for Graebel DEI Consulting Services. We then crafted a tight narrative that would anchor the interactive journey and all supporting marketing materials.

Boiled down to its simplest form, the beats of the DEI narrative were:

  1. DEI is the right thing to do—from a cultural and business standpoint.
  2. Mobility professionals are uniquely suited to unlock the potential of DEI.
  3. Graebel can help you take DEI from baseline activities to something transformative.

A next-level digital experience takes shape

Built on interactive content platform Ceros, the “Next-Level DEI Journey” is a multi-layered, self-guided exploratory experience (what a mouthful, huh?).

The experience begins by inviting users to jump into a path—Diversity, Equity or Inclusion. The user is then oriented to the journey, a spectrum of maturity in the context of global mobility.

Users explore the three stages of the journey, at each step unpacking what it means from the vantage point of the mobile employee, the mobility team and the organization.

Like any great digital experience, it’s best to try it for yourself. Give it a go here

The strategic use of motion, color, iconography and navigational cues guide the user seamlessly through the journey paths while allowing them to pop in and out fluidly.

We built persuasion into the experience in multiple ways:

  • Quotations in the voice of the employee establish empathy
  • Statistics add evidence and credibility to fuel cross-functional buy-in
  • Actionable steps make progress feel within reach

Because there’s no one right way to “do DEI” we want users to intuit that Graebel can meet them where they are in their journey. That way, no matter where they begin on the spectrum, they could partner with Graebel at a pace and scale that works for them.

Driving impact and winning deals

In the first month, the DEI page hosting the digital experience saw a 1.6X bump in visitorship. The average users explored three layers deep into the experience, testament to strong UX and a persuasive narrative.

The narrative and interactive experience are being shared (and used!) across lines of business and have become part of the prospecting and customer success workflows.

And the B2B marketing world is taking notice, too. The “Next-Level DEI Journey” has been shortlisted for the 2023 B2B Marketing Elevation Awards in the ‘New Frontiers’ category, which recognizes marketing that challenges convention and embraces new ways of thinking.

“What I love most about the DEI experience that we created with Quarry is its utility. Our sales teams use it in relationship building conversations. Our client teams use it to gauge readiness and build roadmaps. And it gives prospective clients another great reason to consider Graebel.” - Tasha Johnson, VP Global Marketing

From brand and messaging strategy to buyer experience design and activation, the Quarry team took their crafts to the next level, too. Special shout outs to Michelle MacNaughton, Sarah Harwood, Nicki Munro and Gayle Lankowski for making this one a reality.