Is Quarry the right fit for you?

Over the years, we’ve realized that our client relationships and the resulting outcomes are more successful—and a heck of a lot more fun—when the fit is right. If you find yourself nodding as you read through these questions, give us a call. It could be the beginning of something great.

1. Is what you sell considered B2B tech?

Do you market software, hardware, IT services or telecommunications? Do you and your teams need to align large buying committees—often with competing priorities, perspectives, motivations and authority? We hope so, because that’s just the kind of nut we love to crack for our clients.

2. Do you need to build actual demand?

Some marketers tick the boxes, kick out some MQLs and pat themselves on the back. That’s simply not good enough anymore. Today’s modern marketer must spark demand with the right people at the right accounts, enable mobilizers to be champions of change, help Sales accelerate conversations, and deliver measurable(!) results. If that’s your mandate, we’re your people.

3. Are you ready to walk a mile in your buyer’s shoes?

Knowing your target deeply gives you the power to create emotionally resonant and differentiated experiences. It’s not always comfortable, especially when they take you in unexpected directions. But since the buying journey always starts with, well, the buyer, so do we.

4. Are you adamantly opposed to the status quo?

There’s a certain comfort in “same old, same old.” One you won’t find with Quarry. We’re always looking to replace the good with the better. And then with the best. So if you’re energized by new ideas and more effective ways of thinking and doing, keep leaning in.

5. Do you want to work with a truly integrated agency?

Many marketers believe you have to make tradeoffs in your agency relationships; it’s creative or strategy, execution or insights. Not here. We play nice with other agencies, of course, but the real magic happens when we bring strategy + creative + technology + execution to life for our clients.

Does Quarry sound like a fit? Let's chat.