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NOT another list of the best B2B marketing conferences in 2020

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There’s no shortage of blog posts listing the best B2B marketing conferences for the coming year. A little blurb about each event, dates and location, a link to the website.… You know the drill.

While these types of static lists might help you discover what’s out there, they don’t actually help B2B marketers prioritize the best conferences for you. Rather, they lay out the options like a restaurant menu and leave it to you to make sense of it all.

True to our firm’s DNA, we wanted to create a better experience for B2B marketers. Something less à la carte, more table service. Something less static, more dynamic. Something more valuable, relevant and, above all, truly helpful. A personalized tool that recommends specific B2B marketing events based on your role, your goals and how far you’re willing to go (literally, not figuratively). That would be better, right? We thought so too.

Go ahead, find the best B2B conferences recommended for you…

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