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AI: New Technology or New Paradigm?

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Have we been here before, or not?

The potential value of artificial intelligence (AI) is evident everywhere, even in industries that have been slow to digitize. Whereas industry leaders once invested billions of dollars in factories and equipment, today’s titans are investing their resources in digital platforms, data analytics, data scientists and automation.

Recent advances in machine learning can be used to solve an array of business problems, and deep learning is pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence even further. A new algorithm economy could usher in a marketplace where businesses engage in self-service machine learning in the cloud, and the rise of canned algorithmic models for customer facing functions may one day be ubiquitous. Proprietary machine learning algorithms could be the market differentiator of the future.

Expectations of machine learning are high.
Despite the tremendous hype surrounding AI, adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning is low. A recent study pegged current penetration of machine learning initiatives within organizations at 18 percent. The remaining 82 percent were either investigating potential solutions or putting off investment in these types of initiatives altogether.

A plethora of barriers can derail even the best-intentioned implementation. When the full life cycle of a machine learning project is not well understood, it can lead to disillusionment or the abandonment of a project.

Where does this leave the purveyors of AI technology?

Is AI destined to go through a predictable adoption sequence analogous to other promising technologies: IoT, The Cloud, Big Data, Robotics and 3D Printing? Or are we in genuinely new territory here?

As a purveyor of AI, the first critical step in building a winning strategy may be to ask: “How should I look at AI?” Your answer to that question will set a context for the people you lead. Getting that answer more right than your competitors may help you avoid lost time, misfires, or being blindsided by deeply disruptive market developments.

A New Study for Technology Leaders

This is an invitation for your firm to co-invest in a restricted-access multi-client study. Architected and led by Quarry in collaboration with you and other technology leaders, the study AI/Machine Learning: New Technology or New Paradigm? will focus on the human context as well as business implications surrounding the adoption and deployment of AI in business applications. Participation will be capped to no more than ten participating firms.

The goal of this study is to understand the impact of machine learning initiatives on businesses across industries from a buyer’s perspective so that you can better anticipate what will both accelerate and hinder adoption of your offering in this space.

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Why Quarry?

We are an expert in the analysis of human interactions with technology, and we are practiced in bringing new technology to business buyers. Quarry has qualitative and quantitative research expertise in studying the human context surrounding the purchase and use of technology. We are interested in the question of how AI rescripts the relationship between people and machines, and we think the answer to that question will be of value to marketers of AI technology and services.

Who is this for?

The study is designed for technology companies that have an offer based on or augmented by AI, either in the market or in the pipeline.

This multi-client machine learning study is a proprietary research venture designed as a customized consulting project with multiple participating companies. This approach enables us to conduct an in-depth primary research study at a fraction of the investment required for a single-client bespoke study. This initiative is supported with rich analytics tools and a full team of research, strategy, technology and creative professionals.

The depth and richness of aggregated data from this study will enable us to perform an extensive analysis of current and future state machine learning initiatives. In addition to in-depth buyer profiles, market trend analysis, gap analysis, adoption curve analysis and market forecasts will be segmented by company size, industry vertical and functional lines of business. Primary data will be derived from three separate study groups: technology leaders, buyers and end users. A total of 550 senior interviews will be completed with heads of IT, AI, business strategy, marketing, corporate development, digital and CX, supplemented with 1,500 end user interviews.

Why is this worthy of your attention?

The impact of these findings could have a profound influence on your company’s AI and machine learning go-to-market strategy.

The hype around AI creates a fog you need to see through to do your job well. Participating in this study means that for a modest investment, you can arm yourself with deep insight gained directly from technology buyers, users and peers. It means your teams will have the insight required to formulate solutions directly aligned to buyer’s current and planned AI needs.

As a study sponsor, your teams will have direct input in the formulation of a proprietary study. You will work with a highly experienced group of research professionals, data analysts, business strategists, technical, engineering, design and AI subject matter experts who have been assigned to this project.

You’ll have access to a collaborative portal, exclusively for study sponsors, to facilitate open communication between your teams and our AI project team from the build-out phase (pre-launch) through to final report. You will also be invited to attend a hands-on workshop led by our research team following the release of report findings.

Strategic insight could be the difference that matters most. It may be that AI turns out to be just another hyped technology that conforms to the same basic patterns of adoption as other technologies. Or it could be truly disruptive, in which case major brands with a vested interest in this space could be deeply affected. Participating as a co-funder of this restricted research study will give you a rare and potentially valuable head start on that insight.

Study Deliverables

Study deliverables consist of a full strategy report and charted data from three field studies, onsite or remote discussion of findings with study leads and an invitation to participate in an exclusive, hands-on workshop following the release of findings.

We invite you to partner with Quarry on this exciting and important study. An outline of the study’s report framework is available for confidential review. Please contact us for further information.

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