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Nicki Schill

Nicki Schill

Content Strategist
Q-mate since 2018-ish

How do you stay sharp?

I like to read and write but I love to relax. I’m sharpest after 9 hours of sleep.

Why Quarry for you?

I remember learning about Quarry when I first moved to the region and thinking to myself “I will work there one day.” I love being part of the creative process and getting to learn new things. Having the chance to work with some of the brightest marketing minds out there every day is amazing.

What quality do you most value in your teammates?

An awesome sense of humour. Work can be stressful at times and nothing takes the edge off more than sharing a good laugh.

Would you rather go into outer space or to the depths of the ocean? Why?

I’m all about the ocean. It’s wild to me that we’re starting to know so much more about space while we’re so far behind in exploring 70% of our own planet. I’d want the chance to discover a new species and then name it something ridiculous.