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Uberflip names Quarry a 2017 Service Partner of the Year

Uberflip, a Quarry martech partner, knows a thing or two about creating powerful experiences. And this year’s Content Experience conference in Toronto added further proof.

With some of the brightest minds in the industry represented, The Content Experience event dove deep into topics like how to elevate your content marketing strategy, leveraging big data, and creating unstoppable customer experiences for every stage of the buyer journey.

Our team left with many fresh ideas to help further develop winning strategies and engaging content for our B2B clients and their customers.

We also left with an award.

This year Uberflip launched their inaugural Partner of the Year Awards—one of which Quarry was honored to receive.

“Partners are an integral part of the success of any business,” said Randy Frisch, President and CMO of Uberflip. “When you look at best-in-class SaaS companies and so many others that have accomplished amazing things, the reality is they’ve gotten there not just because of their software alone, but because of the ecosystem they’ve grown and cultivated. At Uberflip, we recognize and celebrate the value of our partner ecosystem.”

We are constantly impressed by the strategic insight Quarry brings to our customers’ content decisions.


“Quarry has led a complete transformation in the way our mutual customers approach the content experience,” said Frisch. “They’re experts in digital brand transformation and we are constantly impressed by the strategic insight Quarry brings to our customers’ content decisions, bringing simplicity to complex buying journeys.”

We’re proud of our partnership with Uberflip. Proud of the content experiences we’re creating for our shared clients using Uberflip. And humbled to have received this award.

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