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The death of ABM is near

#ABM, #DemandMarketing

There are no more flat-screen TVs. They’re just TVs and they’re all flat. There are no more smartphones. They’re just phones and they’re all smart.

Soon there’ll be no more ABM because all B2B marketing will be account-based.

You won’t have ABM people or ABM budgets or ABM tools. They’ll just be your people, your budget, and your tools, all aligned and focused where they make the greatest impact for your business.

Soon there’ll be no more ABM because all B2B marketing will be account-based.

This shift has already begun, particularly within enterprise B2B technology firms. It wasn’t long ago that these firms were piloting ABM. Then they were sorting out how to scale.

Now, many of the B2B tech firms with which Quarry works are applying the tenets of ABM to all their demand-gen activities, decreasing waste and increasing relevance and effectiveness:

  • No more mass marketing. Anything short of crystal-clear targeting is a waste of money.
  • No more focus on lead quantity. Anything other than a relentless emphasis on lead quality is a waste of precious time.
  • No more incongruent sales and marketing objectives and metrics. Failure to think and operate as one team and to drive collectively toward shared goals wastes time, money, and squanders opportunities.
  • No more “one-size-fits-all” messaging or buyer’s journeys. Customer and prospect expectations continue to rise, and nothing short of deep personalization will do.
  • No more focus on asset-, activity-, or channel-level optimization. The focus shifts to moving targeted accounts from where they are today to where you need them to be in the most efficient and effective way. It goes beyond multi-touch attribution into holistic account-based success metrics.

It’s just smart marketing. Soon we’ll look back in wonder that it was ever any other way.