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Quarry’s David Chirakal – Readying your tech stack for ABM

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What’s the right tech stack to support ABM at scale? How far can our existing stack take us before we need to introduce new, purpose-built tools? Must this be incremental spend or can we reduce redundant tool spend elsewhere? Can we build a technology roadmap to secure budget and to ensure we don’t overspend in the early stages?

David Chirakal, Quarry’s Senior Director of Marketing Technology and Operations, faces these questions again and again as he and his team work with their enterprise B2B clients to build and scale their account-based marketing practices.

David joined me on a recent episode of the #FlipMyFunnel podcast and we geeked out on all things ABM tech. Good times.

Some podcast highlights:

  • How David’s team approaches an ABM readiness assessment, structured around targeting, engagement, orchestration and measurement.
  • Tech buyer’s remorse and how to minimize the risk of bad or poorly timed investments.
  • Trialing new technology on an agency’s licenses and proving the ROI case before signing a big contract. Bonus: This may help avoid IT and procurement red tape so you can make an impact faster.
  • Most common ABM tech pitfall? Absence of a well-defined marketing technology strategy and deployment roadmap. David explains how to avoid or overcome this mistake.
  • Different types of intent data, and how top ABM organizations are using powerful intent insights not only for account selection and prioritization, but for relevant, timely and contextual messaging and experiences too.
  • Deep personalization, going beyond “next right piece of content” and actually customizing images, messages, proof points and more within a piece of content to enhance relevance for each reader.

Check out the full conversation with David Chirakal below.