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NexGen Storage: Seizing a new chance with a new brand

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Not every company gets a second chance to make a first impression. Quarry is helping NexGen Storage make the most of theirs.

Shortly after NexGen Storage originally launched in 2011, it was bought by a larger company, which in turn was bought recently by an even larger company. And when that company, SanDisk, decided there was greater opportunity in spinning NexGen out as a new, stand-alone company, the NexGen team knew they needed to send strong signals out to the data storage industry—we’re serious contenders, and we’re here to stay.

Their choice to work with Quarry paid off. Chris McCall, SVP Marketing for NexGen, puts it this way:

In the past 8 years, I’ve led five different corporate branding / rebranding efforts. My experience with Quarry stands alone in terms of exceeding expectations and elevating our company above the competition.

The journey began with qualitative and quantitative primary research into category, competition and customers. Armed with solid foundation of fresh, actionable insight, Quarry and NexGen worked together to create and launch a distinctive brand from the ground up, which came to life this January at the fully responsive website

In just 4 months, NexGen has already made significant strides for their brand in a crowded industry.

In the words of well-respected technology industry analyst, Ben Woo:

I see these kinds of brand launches all the time in our industry, but the precision and cohesiveness of NexGen’s launch, in the timeframe given, was outstanding.