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“Keynote Inks” visualize hot talks at #B2BMX

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Re-live this year’s top talks at #B2BMX

10 Keynote Inks. 8 full talk videos. All in 1 Flipbook.

B2B ExchangeBack by popular demand, Quarry teamed up with graphic recorder Kelly Kingman to capture the hottest B2B Marketing Exchange 2017 talks as #KeynoteInksTM. Hand drawn in real-time as presentations unfold, each Keynote Ink condensed speakers’ ideas and energy into one fantastic visual summary.

This year we captured talks by best-selling authors Jonah Berger, Scott Donaton and Nick Toman (CEB), Jeff Marcoux (CMO, Microsoft), and the Queen of Social Selling herself, Jill Rowley, to name a few. You can see, share and download them in the gallery below.


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