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“Keynote Inks” visualize hot talks at #ANAB2B

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Get the picture on this year’s top talks

B2B ExchangeBack by popular demand, Quarry has teamed up with graphic recorder Kelly Kingman to capture the hottest 2017 Masters of B2B Marketing talks as #KeynoteInksTM. Hand drawn in real-time as presentations unfold, each Keynote Ink condenses speakers’ ideas and energy into one fantastic visual summary.

This year we’re capturing talks by John Harmeling (CMO, Grant Thornton), Michael Margolis (CEO, Get Storied), and the Queen of Social Selling herself, Jill Rowley, to name a few. You can see, share and download them in the gallery below as they become available from the conference floor. Or enter your email address below and after the event wraps, we’ll send you all seven Keynote Inks, plus recordings of select speaker presentations.


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