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An award-winning start to an ABM journey with JLL’s Katie Fisher

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Sometimes an award comes at the end of a journey. For JLL’s Katie Fisher and her marketing team, the award is just the beginning.

Fresh from capturing a SiriusDecisions ABM Program of the Year award, the team is now hard at work scaling wider and digging deeper to amplify the value account-based marketing delivers to the firm.

I had the great pleasure of hearing Katie’s story when she joined me on a recent episode of the #FlipMyFunnel podcast. Some highlights:

  • The pilot program (for which they won the award) encompassed 13 carefully chosen accounts, each representing significant upside opportunity. Despite the small number, there was deliberate diversity among them with nine existing clients, four greenfield prospects, and a mix of starting-point engagement levels.
  • Finding a regional sales leader who believed in what was possible was a key foundational step. His top-down support as executive sponsor was essential to bringing the right elements of the sales team into real partnership. You don’t need everyone to get started.
  • Large “blueprint for success” mailers, packaged in a tube like an actual architectural blueprint, were on-brand, impactful upon arrival, and laid out the strategic vision at the center of the campaign.
  • Scaling to 80 accounts now, JLL is working with Quarry to broaden the reach and deepen the relevance of every touch with demand center mapping, contact acquisition, intent data, deep personalization, dynamic engagement-based nurture paths, and more.
  • One of the reasons they won the SiriusDecisions award was their approach to measurement. They put a lot of effort into entirely new metrics, including the number of buying centers engaged, the percentage of decision makers in each buying center engaged, and more.
  • Pursuit marketing will come into the ABM fold soon, with the goal of accelerating funnel velocity, increasing deal size and more.

Check out the full episode below.