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The 50 Best B2B #KeynoteInks of 2017

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Top talks visualized from 2017’s best B2B conferences.

For B2B marketers, the pace of change has never been greater. From account-based marketing to artificial intelligence, personalization to predictive, there’s a lot to be excited about. And a whole lot to keep up with.

To help you stay sharp, we’ve curated this collection of visual summaries— #KeynoteInksTM—of the top 50 talks from the best B2B conferences in 2017. And they’re all yours, complements of Quarry and Kingman Ink.

Hand drawn in real time as each presentation unfolded, the 50 Best B2B #KeynoteInks of 2017 capture the brightest and best minds in the industry—from GE’s Linda Boff to’s Vala Afshar and Jay Baer (twice!)—speaking at events including #B2BMX, #ANAB2B #CMWorld, #MPB2B and more.

This collection of #KeynoteInks recaps the trends that mattered most for modern marketers in 2017 and, we hope, will inspire your efforts to come in 2018.