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3 tips to scale your marketing efforts for expansion & growth

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One challenge faced by marketers is keeping a high standard of quality in your efforts, especially as your business expands. As operations grow, what started as simple campaigns now must cover multiple projects and products. But how can you do that reliably and efficiently? We offer a few effective tips below:

1. Create a long-term blueprint

If you want your marketing operation to grow properly, then you need to plan out how it grows. First you need a solid foundation of market, product and customer intelligence upon which your marketing efforts will be based. Then plan out what content you’ll make. Be as long-term and thorough as possible. Take into account seasonal promotions or significant events. Update this plan as previous campaign results become available.

2. Build a “marketing expressway”

If timeliness is the lifeblood of a marketer, then tardiness is the poison. Create an internal process that allows for fast production of marketing collateral and even faster approval cycles. This allows you to quickly respond to changes in the market and lets you effectively newsjack current events—essentially using the popularity of a news story to complement your marketing efforts before that story or event becomes outdated (which can sometimes happen in hours!).

3. Integrate marketing from the beginning

Marketing is at its most effective when it’s plugged in to the rest of your business. Make it easy for marketing to pass on the information it collects, and it’ll be easier to handle feedback as your audience grows. Are surveys exposing a defect in the product? Have the engineers correct it right away! Are customers eating up your content? Have sales make contact while they’re still interested!

With the right preparations, you can ramp up your operations from a couple of Facebook posts a week to a flood of content marketing projects—and still make every single piece compelling and timely. Better yet, you can act on that information and increase your bottom line.

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