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Aarronn Whelan

Aarronn Whelan

Project Lead
Qmate since 2018-ish

How do you stay sharp?

Searching for the strategy in everything and seeing how those strategies stand up to opposition. There’s a lot to be learned about solving business challenges in other areas, like sports. Tom Brady isn’t a five-time Super Bowl winner because of his rugged good looks. It’s because he has the best strategists in his field behind him, and he executes their plan flawlessly.

Why Quarry for me?

Quarry strikes an amazing balance between being built for success in the future and driving our clients’ business today. The campaigns I work on are on the cutting edge of technology, but in the future will be table stakes for all clients. Getting exposure to these technologies while they are still blossoming is an unparalleled learning opportunity.

What did you learn as an adult that most people learn in childhood?

The importance of fun!

In my childhood I took anything important far too seriously. I remember sitting in the back seat of the car on the way home from a baseball game angry with myself for not performing to the level I expected, and angry with teammates who I didn’t think were taking things seriously.

I realized later in life that the reason I was underperforming was because I had removed all semblance of fun from the game. And my teammates who weren’t taking things as seriously were performing and improving at a greater rate than I was.

I now realize that while what we do is serious, we have to enjoy ourselves or we won’t reach our potential.