We’re looking for a Marketing Operations Strategist to contribute to the Quarry team. Read the job description below, and if you think you’d be a good fit for the role, fill out the brief application form at the bottom of the page.

Marketing Operations Strategist

Would you describe yourself as a resourceful individual with experience measuring and optimizing a B2B sales and marketing funnel, who is able to understand how to reach buyers by pulling together strategies that link people, processes, marketing technology and data? Do you like solving complex business problems, ones that do not have a clear ‘right’ answer, but instead, require identifying key considerations, evaluating scenarios, and determining the best path forward to achieving a solution? Do you get excited by being a consultant and connector, both for internal and external stakeholders, helping to deliver high-quality solutions? Do you have experience creating ROI-driven marketing program strategies, combined with hands-on experience with marketing automation, CRM and other marketing technology tools and platforms? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then we may have the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

The ideal candidate will play a key role in helping to enable and support client marketing operations to get their jobs done more effectively. This will involve helping clients achieve a greater return on their Martech investments by supporting and/or leading the development and activation of Martech and Marketing Operations strategies. They will support and enable deeper integration of our clients’ Marketing & Sales teams (e.g. sales enablement, account intelligence, lead/account scoring) by driving alignment on lead/account management processes and shared KPIs, integrating marketing and sales systems, and streamlining processes through automated workflows.

If you are able to provide expertise-based, strategic guidance on marketing technologies and operations, and you love to learn new things and explore future trends and technologies, we want to hear from you!

What you’ll be doing:

  • Development of sound strategy for clients across marketing operations, marketing technology, data analytics, and sales enablement
  • Helping clients and internal stakeholders that lack technical expertise/experience understand requirements for program activation and fostering the necessary buy-in to move projects forward
  • Translating business requirements of demand strategy plans into technical/functional requirements for activation of plans into the market
  • Supporting and leading activation for programs/campaigns and performing final reviews of the technical implementation of programs to ensure business requirements are met
  • Leading and providing guidance, for the development and delivery of documents, frameworks, and presentations that clearly articulate marketing operations strategy
  • Leading the consultation for Quarry and clients around the strategic and tactical use of marketing technology, to enable and support Sales to perform their demand marketing jobs
  • Continuously investigating and evaluating new marketing technologies and add-on applications designed to improve Sales’ effectiveness, and identifying opportunities for Quarry and our clients to improve and optimize marketing team performance
  • Helping to drive sales and marketing alignment within client organizations by consulting on best practice lead and account management methodologies, sales enablement tools, lead and account scoring, etc.
  • Developing models, operational frameworks, marketing & sales workflows that are built on best practices that may be implemented or referenced by our clients
  • Reviewing outputs from Advanced Data Analytics teams (e.g. account intelligence, predictive modelling, campaign performance dashboards) to develop actionable insights to inform Demand Strategy planning, data strategy and measurement strategy design, and/or program/campaign optimization
  • Supporting and leading the development and pricing of proposals that require contributions from the Marketing Operations Group, and actively participate in driving revenue growth for the organization (as called upon)
  • Establishing and building strategic alliances and relationships with Marketing Technology vendors that will augment and enhance the value of service offers delivered to clients

What we’re seeking:

  • Experience developing and executing demand marketing programs (e.g. demand gen, ABM) of varying complexity leveraging marketing technology platforms and tools.
  • Experience providing strategic guidance on how to best leverage and activate Sales enablement technologies (e.g. CRM, predictive) as a part of demand marketing programs
  • Experience in the areas of marketing and sales operations, account-based strategy, demand generation, email marketing, CRM, content marketing, lead nurturing and sales enablement, marketing automation and other marketing technologies.
  • Experience leveraging advanced data analytics to uncover account- and buyer-level insights that inform demand strategy planning (e.g. account identification & prioritization, account and buyer segmentation)
  • Experience driving market share and revenue growth for a B2B market.
  • Experience performing analysis of marketing and sales databases and developing data strategies informed by database analysis and an understanding of business needs and objectives.

Required Experience:

  • Extensive CRM platform experience required, ideally certified in Salesforce.com and with hands-on experience in Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Extensive experience working in enterprise level marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot and Pardot/Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Extensive marketing data/data enhancement platform experience required (e.g. ZoomInfo, D&B etc.).
  • Proficiency in predictive and intent data tools (e.g. Demandbase, 6Sense).
  • Proficiency working with multi-channel strategies that include email, website, paid search, organic search, content marketing, social media, direct mail and traditional advertising and PR.
  • Understanding of the customer buying journey from lead to client, for various market segments and ability to identify relevant interaction points.
  • Strong understanding of B2B lead and account management methodologies and frameworks
  • (e.g. SiriusDecisions’ Demand Unit Waterfall).

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